Can You Commute to Houston from Conroe Each Day?

Houston Conroe Commute

One of the biggest concerns for working parents and couples today is the length of the daily commute. Cities across the nation are experiencing increases in travel time for commutes of all sorts.

According to Impact Newspaper, commuting times between major suburbs and outlying communities surrounding Houston have increased in recent years as many families have moved from communities inside Houston to suburbs on the edges of the metropolitan area. However, installations of features like “park and ride” units have become popular.

“Park and ride, which is available in The Woodlands and will also soon be implemented in Conroe, is a commute option for residents with destinations that include the Texas Medical Center, Greenway Plaza and the Central Business District of Houston. There are three park and ride lot locations in The Woodlands.”

Interestingly, many people who work in Downtown Houston who have moved to Conroe have ended up taking on some of the longest commutes in the Houston area. Chron shares:

“Unsurprisingly, residents of Cypress, Tomball and Conroe who work downtown have the longest commute times and therefore among the highest annual costs. Houston ranks 20th among the nation’s hardest-working cities, and eighth in overall hours worked with 39.9 hours worked weekly on average. Perhaps the hours spent driving could be seen as a welcome break to those working so hard.”

Although some drivers might not mind a commute from Conroe into Downtown Houston, it’s probably a drive that prospective Conroe residents should experience once or twice before committing to a rental agreement.

What are the Average Commuting Times in Conroe?

The average length of a commute may only vary by a few minutes from city to city, but those minutes can add up over time. Imagine living in one city and having a commute of 20 minutes, but having a commute of 25 minutes in another city. While it might only seem like five extra minutes, it actually represents ten extra minutes every single day, and 50 extra minutes a week.

According to Sperling’s Best Places, the average length of commute in Conroe is 27 minutes with almost three-quarters of residents using their own car to get to work, as well as driving alone. Other types of transportation used by Conroe residents include carpools, mass transit, bicycles, and walking. Around 2.78% of people walk to work, 0.59% of residents ride a bicycle, and 5.06% of people use mass transit. Less than 10% of people carpool to work.

For all the cities that encompass the Greater Houston Area, Conroe comes in at the 27th spot overall in a list of 42 cities, which means the commuting time on average is somewhere in the middle. Galveston residents tend to have the shortest commutes at 19.8 minutes, and residents of Dayton have to spend the most minutes in their car at 30.1 minutes each day.

Ready to Move to Conroe?

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