Choosing a New Neighborhood in Conroe for Your New Apartment

Choosing a New Neighborhood in Conroe for Your New Apartment

In the past decade, Conroe, Texas has emerged as an extremely livable, friendly, and affordable place to live. With a wealth of local amenities, a quality education system, and healthy incomes for its residents, Conroe represents a bright spot in America with its distinction as the “fastest growing city,” according to census data.

A report from ABC News reveals that Conroe came at the top of a list of large, fast-growing cities:

“Conroe, Texas, a northern Houston suburb, was the fastest-growing, seeing a 7.8 percent increase from 2015 to 2016, a growth rate more than 11 times that of the nation.”

Other towns in Texas were also shown to have swiftly growing populations with the North Texas towns of Frisco and McKinney also landing on the top 15 fastest-growing cities.

Moving to a town with a swiftly increasing population has benefits with more jobs, entertainment, and recreation opportunities growing to meet the needs of the population, but swift growth can also bring some imbalances to items like the education system, housing availability, and commuting times.

Fortunately, Conroe has escaped many of the burdens of fast-growing towns with a high “livability” score from Area Vibes owing to its excellent education system, great variety of local amenities, and beautiful sunny weather. If you’re already sold on Conroe, and all that the city has to offer you and your family, here are some details to consider if you haven’t yet chosen a neighborhood in which to live.

Popular Neighborhoods in Conroe

As with any city with a healthy population, Conroe offers its current and future residents many choices for neighborhoods. Although the rental averages for apartments in Conroe do vary somewhat across the city, even the “expensive” areas in town aren’t out of reach of those with modest incomes.

According to Rent Cafe, the average rent in the most expensive neighborhoods of Conroe hovers around $1,070 and the average for the least expensive neighborhoods averages $820. The neighborhoods with the highest rent averages include Big Tree, College Park, and Pine Acres. Some of the more affordable neighborhoods include Nottingham, Lawndale, and Ken Oaks.

Spacious Apartments in Conroe

Moving into a new apartment is an excellent way to reside in a worry-free environment with more amenities than you might have access to when renting a single-family home, but it often comes with a smaller floor plan. However, the apartments in Conroe tend to have a rather spacious average for their available square feet.

Studio apartments in Conroe average around 500 sq. ft. and cost an average of $713 per month. Meanwhile, residents in a locale like Manhattan only enjoy an average of 482 sq. ft. for their studio apartments and have to pay an astounding $2,926, on average, for their residences. Conroe definitely offers its residents an affordable option for apartment living.

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