Create Your Open Concept Apartment Home in Conroe

Apartments Conroe TX-Model Living RoomStart creating your ideal open concept home today! Remember, adding your own personal style is always key, so take that and run with it as you start your journey.

Here are some ways you can create an open concept home when moving to your new apartment in Conroe, TX, located in north Houston.

Your Very Own Unique Open Concept Home

Create your open concept room by picking out décor and colors that resemble each other, and use them throughout the space. Try and keep it simple while following the same pattern. This will create a unique feel and make the space yours.

The goal is to create a space that flows so choose two or three key pieces to accent each other and make the rest of the space more neutral.  It’s always good to have color in your open concept apartment home but the key is to not use too much, especially when you include a specific pattern. For example, if you live in a one-bedroom apartment in north Houston and you’re relocating from Lake Jackson to Conroe, TX, you will probably want to purge old items that aren’t of any use to you anymore. An open concept home means that you get to de-clutter while you’re packing! Out with the old and in with the new!

Modern Features-Conroe TX ApartmentsKeep Your Eye On The Prize

Make sure that you are keeping your apartment home in mind as you shop; Bringing something like measurements of the living areas will help you choose the correct sized furniture. If you have low ceilings you will want small, simple furniture to make your space look larger. If you have higher ceilings you will want to include larger pieces like a sectional in the living area, to make your space seem bigger than it really is.

All For One and One For All

What could be better than a piece of furniture that does everything in one? You could be reading this and be thinking, do they even make furniture that does it all? Great question, Let me explain what I mean! When it comes to creating an open concept it’s important to keep the space as simple as possible, and not having anything look cluttered. So if you have a lot to store, keep that in mind as you shop. Something like a TV stand could have storage, display space, a built in book shelf and a spot for the TV all in one while keeping everything simple and stored away. When it comes to putting your furniture together, make sure you focus toward defining each space. The best way you can do this is to create a theme for the house and break it up into each room, having the same concept through the home but using different pieces to tie it all together.

Visit The Retreat, Your New Home in Conroe

Are you searching for a new one-bedroom or two-bedroom apartment in Conroe, TX? We’ve got the perfect open concept floor plan for you whether you’re relocating with your family to a family-friendly community, or you’re relocating to the Houston area for work. Contact our friendly leasing agents today to set up your very own personalized tour!