Downsizing Your Conroe Apartment Before You Move

Downsizing in Your Conroe Apartment

Even though houses are getting larger every year and people are moving into huge homes in newly constructed neighborhoods, there is still a large segment of the population who is looking at moving into smaller residences.

Downsizing can offer many benefits, from allowing you to live in a neighborhood of your choice to provide a less expensive lifestyle. If you choose a small, urban apartment, you might be able to live right next door (or closer) to where you work. A small apartment in your suburban town can also help you reduce the amount you spend each month on rent and housing costs.

Here are some reasons downsizing is an excellent idea and how to begin the process.

Why Downsizing is a Great Idea

We often associate downsizing with retired individuals who have an “empty nest” and want to move into a residence with less upkeep, but there are many reasons to consider downsizing even if you’re not collecting Social Security checks.

The blog from Nationwide suggests:

“In addition to having fewer maintenance requirements, apartment living can be “greener” than living in a house, too. There’s no large lawn or garden you’re responsible for watering. If you move to an apartment in an urban area, it’s easier to walk or bike to nearby entertainment, and you’ll likely have better access to public transportation.”

If you’re not in the market to put a $60,000 solar setup on your roof, moving to a smaller apartment and giving up your car could offer a suitable alternative for reducing your energy consumption. Renting an apartment rather than owning a house can also free your time for activities that wouldn’t be possible if you were maintaining a house on your own.

Start Sorting Before You Move

You may not need to get rid of absolutely everything that won’t fit in your new, smaller apartment, but paring down your items before you move can make the whole experience much more comfortable. Going through your possessions though requires a bit more consideration than figuring out whether you like something or can let it go.

Zumper explains:

“The trick is separating want from need, just as you do when deciding which apartment amenities are nice and which are necessary.”

Many items may be necessary, and you might like other times. But out of all your possessions, which items are both useful and a welcome sight in your apartment? Take a weekend – or several – to go through everything you own and decide what should come to your new place.

It’s essential that you don’t toss, donate, or sell items that are actually useful unless you’re moving across the country and feel it would be less expensive to sell an item and purchase another at your destination. It can become a little too easy to “jettison” too much stuff and only realize that you actually needed those items when you move into your new place.

Find a New Home at The Retreat

One of the best features of the apartment homes at The Retreat is that they come in all sorts of floor plans and sizes. If you’re looking to downsize to a cozy one-bedroom apartment, we’ve got you covered. If you need more space and an extra bedroom for a roommate or new baby, we’ve got three-bedroom apartments, too. Get in touch today to arrange a tour.