Easy Baby-Proofing Tips for Your Conroe Apartment

Babyproof Conroe Apartment

Your Conroe apartment should be a safe haven for your infant! Fortunately, baby-proofing an apartment isn’t an activity that’s particularly difficult when you buy all the expected devices like locks for cabinets, baby gates, and electrical outlet covers.

Keep in mind, there are some items around your home that you might not even realize could be a hazard to your child.

If you’ll shortly add a new family member to your home, or you’re close to the point at which your baby will begin crawling, it’s important to begin babyproofing your Conroe apartment. Here are a few things to consider that may not be on your radar if you’ve never babyproofed a home.

Look at the Windows, From Top to Bottom in Your Conroe Apartment

It doesn’t take a college degree to understand that an open window is a potential hazard for a young child. However, windows that open aren’t the only ways a window can be a danger. Even if the window is completely closed, you might run into trouble if you have window treatments.

The Family Education website reveals:

“Window treatments are another safety item to consider: The safest options for small children are those with no cords. In a rental, you may have little choice but to use the window treatments that are already in place. If your apartment already has blinds or shades with cords, be sure they’re tied securely out of your child’s reach at all times, and keep all furniture away from them to prevent your child from climbing and gaining access.”

If you can add your own window treatments to your apartment, you’ll want to consider those without cords. Shades that you can pull down and release without any need for a cord are ideal for keeping the light out of your apartment when you want it dark, as well as helping you avoid blinds that often have dangerous cords reaching all the way to the floor.

List of Items to Purchase for Baby Proofing Your Apartment

You might feel limited as far as what changes you can make in an apartment, but you actually have a fair amount of freedom in making changes that aren’t permanent. Here are some items you can purchase that can help you babyproof your apartment that shouldn’t get you into any trouble with your apartment managers.

  1. Electrical outlet covers
  2. Soft corners for sharp furniture
  3. Wrap-around locks for cabinets with handles

Another item you may want to buy is a baby gate. Some baby gates do require nails or screws to secure them to the wall, but many baby gates simply use pressure and gravity to remain standing in a doorway.

When Your Child No Longer Needs Baby-Proofing

When you successfully babyproof your apartment, you’ll have one less thing to worry about when caring for your child. However, there will always be parents that come after you who might benefit from the items you purchase for baby-proofing your home.

Consider donating your items to charity after you are sure your family doesn’t need them anymore. New babies are expensive, and every dollar counts when you are trying to save money and do the best for your child.

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