Energy-Efficient Tips for Your New Conroe Apartment

Save Money at Your Conroe Apartment

An energy-efficient apartment is an affordable one, and there are many ways you can reduce the amount of money you spend on things like utilities when you employ these methods. These options are available whether you live in a house or an apartment.

Easy Changes You Can Make in Your Apartment

One of the limitations of apartment living is that it’s not always possible to make major changes because you don’t own the space. It’s very unlikely that your landlord would allow you to attach solar panels to the roof or install any major features inside your apartment.

However, there are some simple options available that can increase the energy efficiency of your apartment without making any true changes to your apartment. A blog from offers some excellent advice about reducing energy when you use a dryer:

“If you must use a dryer, here are some pro-tips for getting the most out of your use: always remove dryer lint, because otherwise, it will clog up the machine and thus affect the effectiveness of the heat. Shake out your clothes once you take them out of the wash, which opens up the surface area of the garment, making it dry faster. If you’re drying items that you normally iron, take them out while they’re still a little damp; you’ll save money and time.”

If you live in an apartment where you have a washer and dryer inside your unit, making these changes to your drying routine can save energy on your electricity bill each month. The blog also recommends air drying your clothes if possible to reduce the wear and tear on the clothes, as well as save energy on using the dryer.

Fight Against Vampire Electronics

Many electronics today remain “on” in standby mode when you’re not using them, and they can end up using a lot of electricity over time. One of the easiest ways to reduce this waste of electricity is to use power strips for plugging in your electronics. 

Then, whenever you’re not using items like your television, stereo, or computer, you can simply flip the on/off switch on the power strip.

Tip: You may wish to make the rounds in your apartment to see how many electronic devices you have plugged in and to figure out which of those devices is always “on” even when it shouldn’t be drawing any power.

Cover Your Hardwood or Tile Floors with Rugs

Wood floors, tile floors, and stone floors are nice because they last for decades (or centuries, in some cases), but they can make a space feel a little drafty in the cooler months. Many new apartment communities will feature great insulation and new HVAC systems, but you may still find the need to use the heater every once in a while in December or January.

According to an article from, you can reduce the amount of electricity you might need to use on heating by putting rugs on the floor.

“Instead of cranking up the heat whenever your bare floors get too cold during the winter, lay down a nice area rug instead. Rugs trap heat much more efficiently than hardwood flooring does, giving the heating system in the apartment a bit of a rest.”

Tip: Roll the rugs up in the summer when the heat returns.

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