Explore These 8 Foodie Spots Near Your Conroe Apartment

Foodie Spots Near Your Conroe Apartment

Finding a great restaurant can mean finding a favorite place to eat on the weekend, as well as a place where you can bring your friends and family when they visit your Conroe apartment.

You can usually scan websites like Trip Advisor, Yelp, Eater, and Open Table for suggestions on the best fare in town, and you might enjoy trying a new place every once in a while.

You never know when you might find an awesome new restaurant that will become your favorite.

Here are some of the most interesting restaurants and haunts for Conroe residents.

1. Vernon’s Kuntry Katfish

The Houston edition of Eater recommends this catfish restaurant where visitors can get catfish prepared in just about any way imaginable. Considered a great place for southern soul food, the restaurant also serves some excellent dessert pies. Visit Vernon’s at 5901 West Davis Street.

2. Red Brick Tavern

While the name might not lead you to think of pizza, this American-style restaurant not only serves some of the best pizza in Conroe, but it also offers a friendly level of ambiance and fun events for special occasions like Christmas Eve. The restaurant is at 119 Simonton Street in Conroe.

3. B-52 Brewing Company

This restaurant is a relatively new place and focuses on providing an extensive selection of stouts, pilsners, and seasonal drinks. The craft brewery features a party-like atmosphere for much of the year with visiting food trucks and picnic tables that sit on six acres surrounded by trees at 12470 Milroy Lane.

4. Tony’s Italian Delicatessen

Don’t let its location in a strip mall fool you. This Italian deli brings authentic Brooklyn Italian food to Texas and is owned by a restauranteur with more than 30 years of experience. The menu is quite large and offers everything from Italian wedding cookies to homemade sausage at its location at 16283 Highway 105 West.

5. Joe’s Italian Restaurant

There’s nothing like a great Italian restaurant to have in your repertoire when you don’t want to order pizza yet again but have the urge to enjoy an excellent Italian dish. Joe’s offers vegetarian-friendly and vegan options for the pickier eaters among us, and it’s the number one rated restaurant on Trip Advisor.

6. Fajita Jack’s

If you’re lucky enough to spend time on Lake Conroe, you might consider the dockside queso that’s available at the dockside along Fajita Jack’s lakeside pull-up. Not only does the restaurant offer a great view, but it also affords its visitors excellent frozen mango margaritas and tacos. The restaurant is located at 15256 Texas 105.

7. Akashi Asian Bistro & Sushi Bar

Conroe is flush with barbecue joints and chain restaurants, but Akashi Asian Bistro & Sushi Bar stands apart with some unique fare for the area. The sushi on the menu is highly recommended by Japanese food fans, and it’s a nice change-of-pace for anyone interested in a restaurant with great ambiance.

8. Cozy Grape Wine Bar & Bistro

Another spot with great ambiance is Cozy Grape Wine Bar & Bistro. Guests can eat on the gazebo-style deck and enjoy upscale fare, as well as some delicious wine that won’t put a huge dent in your wallet. The bistro is a bit outside Conroe in the Montgomery area on the west side of the lake.

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