Finding a Conroe Apartment with a Family and Pet

Conroe Apartment with Family and Pets

When you first graduate from high school or college and search for an apartment you often do so alone and without any significant responsibilities for family and a pet. However, when you spend a few years raising a family and acquiring cats or dogs, the search for an apartment community becomes a little more complicated than it was in your early years living alone.

Here are some tips for reducing some of the stress that comes along with finding a Conroe apartment with a family or pets (or both!).

Moving Into an Apartment with a Pet

Multiple studies suggest that pet owners are healthier and happier, and may even live longer than people who don’t live with pets, but apartment communities aren’t always so welcoming to little furry companions. It’s not impossible to find an apartment that will accept pets, but it may be a little more difficult than finding an apartment when you don’t own a pet.

An article from Petfinder offers some sage advice:

“Understand why many housing communities reject pets. Put yourself in the shoes of a landlord, housing manager, property owner, or condominium association board member for a moment: They may have had bad experiences with irresponsible pet owners who didn’t safely confine their animals or pick up their feces, sneaked pets in, or left ruined carpets and drapes when they moved out.”

The costs associated with cleaning up after a pet owner leaves an apartment usually means an apartment community will require a pet deposit and may also require monthly pet rent that may range from $10 to $50 a month. The pet deposit may vary from $100 to $500 that will be paid when you submit your deposit and sign your lease.

As long as you leave your apartment in reasonably good condition without damage caused by your cat or dog, you can assume you’ll receive all or part of your pet deposit back when you leave the community.

Another excellent piece of advice from Petfinder suggests that you start searching early for an apartment because communities that allow pets are much fewer in number than communities allowing cats and dogs. Additionally, many communities place weight or breed restrictions on what pets they’ll allow into their communities.

Moving to an Apartment with Kids

Although landlords cannot deny a family the right to apply for an apartment, there are some issues that you may face as a parent or as someone who must find a home that’s appropriate for children. An apartment community may welcome children, but it’s up to the parent to figure out whether the apartment will offer a safe haven for the family.

Apartment Search reveals:

“An apartment complex with a playground, play area, or on-site playroom is a major plus for kids.  Also, check and see if the apartment complex is home to other families as well.  This will both give an idea of the apartment’s suitability for children and its potential to provide future friends for your children.  An apartment that is in close proximity to parks or libraries is also preferable.”

Just as you might when you own pets, you may wish to start your search for a new home a little earlier than you might when you don’t have children or pets. You may find that you’ll need to do a little extra searching to find the ideal home for kids. Expanding your search radius while apartment hunting can help you find an apartment without stressing over a swiftly-approaching moving day.

Visit the Family-Friendly Conroe Apartment Community at The Retreat

We know it’s important to find a friendly and safe apartment community when you have a family, and we think you and your family will feel right at home at The Retreat. Please call our leasing agents today for more information about our Conroe apartment community, as well as to schedule a time for you and your family to visit and take a tour of one of our spacious units.