Handy Things to Know for New Conroe Apartment Residents

The tourism board for the City of Conroe advertises the community as the “Gateway to Texas History,” as well as a fantastic place for water sports because of the massive Lake Conroe.

As a resident of Conroe, you’ll be near natural areas, parks, and the lake, and you won’t be too far away from Houston that you can’t visit it on the weekends or head further to Galveston for time at the beach.

However, when you move to a new city, you’ll probably want to know more than how residents spend their free time and have fun. Here are some things you’ll want to remember as you find your new apartment in Conroe and become a citizen of this friendly Texas city.

The Basics About Conroe

Conroe has more than 82,000 residents, and the town was established in the 1880s after a Civil War officer decided to buy a tract of land and start building mills for lumber manufacturing. The lumber industry allowed the city to grow and add features like a post office and a schoolhouse.

The town was officially incorporated in 1904, and the oil boom of the 1930s created a rather large number of millionaires in town. The city would even see Elvis Presley come to town to play at the local high school in 1955.

During the 20th century, the town underwent dramatic growth with the population ballooning from about 36,800 in the year 2000 to more than 80,000 a few decades later. Today, the city offers its residents many ways to work, learn, and play.

Finding an Apartment in Conroe

Like any growing city, Conroe has a wide variety of apartments in varying sizes and at different price points. Apartments with luxury amenities will often cost a little more than “bare bones” apartments that offer very little in the way of on-site gyms, pools, and secured parking.

Fortunately, there are many affordable apartments in Conroe, as well as apartment communities that cater to residents seeking luxury amenities. If you’re like many residents, your wants are somewhere in the middle of bare-bones and absolute luxury.

You’d like amenities like a community clubhouse, sports lounge, and a health and wellness center, as well as conveniences like on-site or in-unit laundry, stainless steel appliances, and spacious interiors.

Tip: The best way to choose a beautiful new apartment is to tour the community before you commit to a lease. Sometimes you may need to rent an apartment before you ever get to town, but it’s always best to actually tour potential apartments if you have the time.

Live at The Retreat in Conroe

Are you searching for a beautiful apartment in Conroe? Would you like to live in an apartment where endless amenities surround you? We’re not kidding when we say that our apartments come with an infinite supply of amenities and benefits. Contact our leasing office today for more information on our units and with any questions you have about living in Conroe.