Ideas for Extra Space in Your Conroe Apartment

Extra Room in Conroe Apartment

When you live in a Conroe apartment, sometimes it’s necessary to get creative because space is a little small and won’t accommodate everything you own. On the other hand, sometimes your apartment offers just a little too much room for your needs, and you have some empty space just sitting there in your apartment (maybe you even have an entire room that’s currently unused).

Here are a few ways you can decorate or use the space, even if you think you’ve already got a place for everything and everything in its place.

Create a Giant Closet in Your Conroe Apartment

If you have a small extra bedroom in your apartment and you don’t really have a use for it, you may wish to consider turning it into a giant closet. Obviously, having an elegant collection of clothing and shoes is a requirement for this option, but it doesn’t actually take an entire warehouse full of clothing to create a closet out of a bedroom.

Apartment Therapy recommends a dressing room:

“Maybe fashion is your passion and your teeny tiny bedroom closet just isn’t cutting it. Imagine a whole room’s worth of shelving, mirrors, shoe racks and vanity space. You could have the space to properly store your clothes and display accessories so you know exactly what you have and how to put it together. Dream life accomplished.”

Not only can the space function as a decorative area for your beautiful clothing, but you can also use the space as a dressing room or an area where you can check every detail of your outfits in the morning before work or school. You can install a few huge mirrors on various walls of the “closet” to give you glimpses of your clothing from every angle.

Uses for “Awkward” Spaces and Extra Small Rooms

One of the features that may prove challenging to decorate is a space that won’t quite accommodate a full couch or a few chairs or anything but an extra small piece of furniture or just a few things that don’t look quite complete. If you have a rather small space that’s just not big enough for anything substantial, there are still a variety of ways you can use or decorate the space. All it takes is a little creativity.

Apartment Therapy also has a few recommendations including a cat tower, plants, and even a bar with decorative bottles of liquor:

“A bar. Radiators commonly occupy valuable real estate, and they often do so in corners. Brett and Betsy have made the most of the situation by adding a shelf to create a makeshift bar. If you’re radiator-less, you could still follow their lead and set up a small bar, coffee station, or tea tray with the use of a small cart or occasional table.”

If you’re not inclined to include a wall of alcohol in your apartment, you can also fill weird corners, small spaces, and hard-to-decorate areas with fancy lighting, small shelves, wall art, and tiny tables.

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