Reducing How Much Your Utilities Cost in Your Conroe Apartment

Reduce Utilities In Conroe Apartment

If you live in an apartment, you have the opportunity to save money in many areas, such as on insurance costs and maintenance costs. However, it’s still quite easy to spend extra money on utilities. Wasting water, leaving the lights on, and using too much air conditioning and heating can result in high utility bills.

Lowering the cost of utilities not only helps you keep a tight budget, but it also ensures you’re living an eco-friendly lifestyle. Minor changes you can make in your energy-usage can add up to significant savings, and they’re often quite easy to implement.

Change the Temperatures on Your Appliances

The average water heater is set to a temperature that’s much hotter than most apartment residents need, and reducing the temperature of the water used in a home can greatly reduce electricity bills. For example, a water heater will often sit at 140 degrees Fahrenheit, but most appliances don’t need anything more than 120 degrees.

Doorsteps reveals how you can go even further in saving energy on water usage and electricity by washing clothes in cold water rather than hot.

“In some instances, washing your clothes in cold water will actually make them last longer since hot water can sometimes help protein-based stains like blood and sweat set in. If you want to take your energy efficiency one step further, pop your jeans into the freezer to zap bacteria and skip washing them altogether. For the items you do wash, though, line drying instead of using a dryer is an easy way to save on energy.”

As long as your dishwasher and washing machine don’t have minimum temperature recommendations, you can turn your water heater down as much as you wish. If you don’t have a water heater associated with your apartment and share one with your neighbors, you can still implement water-saving techniques that will help you save money on utilities each month.

You Can Save Money on Utilities, Even If You’re Not a Homeowner

Your property owner has most of the power and responsibility in maintenance and keeping your apartment in a comfortable state, but you do have some options available to you, even if you can’t make any major changes to your home. While you probably can’t take off all the outlets in your apartment and insulate them, you can probably install a low-flow shower head in the bathroom.

The best part about many of the changes and updates you make is that you can take the water and energy-saving items with you when you depart the community. Simply replace the low-flow shower head in your apartment with the original that was installed when you first moved into your apartment.

You can even “cook strategically,” according to Money Crashers:

“It takes  a lot of energy to heat up your oven. If you’re cooking something small, use your toaster oven instead. I rarely use my oven anymore because my toaster oven is just so much more handy. I’ve even successfully baked cookies and pies in my toaster oven! It also leads to much quicker cooking time since toaster ovens have less area that they need to heat. Microwaves also use a fraction of the energy as compared to your oven or stove top. Whenever you can, heat things up in the microwave to save energy.”

It might take you a little time to get used to cooking in such a way that uses less energy, but the results will be worth it when you start seeing major savings on your utility costs.

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