Savvy Tips for Living with Pets in a Conroe Apartment

Living with a Pet in Your Conroe Apartment

Living in an apartment with a pet can bring some warmth and happiness to your personal space, especially if you live alone or you have children who might benefit from living with a friendly cat or a small dog. Not all apartments allow pets, but those who do tend to have some rules associated with pet ownership and residency in the community.

If you’re thinking about moving into a Conroe apartment with a pet, or you’re thinking about bringing a pet into your current residence, here are some things to remember that may help you lead the best life with your pets.

Always Know Pet Policies Before You Move Into the Community

When you move into an apartment community, and you own a pet, it’s a good idea to read and reread the section of your lease that offers rules and details about pet ownership by residents. Some apartment communities place restrictions on breeds, and others don’t allow pets over a certain weight. You may be required to pay additional pet rent each month, as well as pay a larger deposit.

These costs can make a difference when it comes to choosing an apartment community, and understanding the additional rent you may need to pay can help you budget wisely for your time spent living at the apartment community.

Apartment List has a great list of rules you may encounter on your lease when renting an apartment with a pet cat or dog.

“When you find your dream place, read the pet clause in the lease. Twice. Let’s be honest, your pet determines 99% of your decisions, especially when it comes to where you live. You are not going to move somewhere if your best friend can’t come with you. We recommend reviewing this clause as soon as you are interested in applying to a place to make sure there are no hidden surprises in the fine print.”

You’d probably find it a costly hassle to sign a lease for an apartment and learn about a breed or size restriction only after you’ve put down a deposit and have signed documents indicating you’ll live in an apartment for a year or more.

Adopt the Right Pet for Living in an Apartment

There is some debate over whether living with a big dog is a good idea in an apartment. Some families feel that the best way to provide a big dog with a great life is to give the animal a big backyard or have a large, friendly park nearby for Frisbee fun and fetch.

If you haven’t yet adopted a pet, you may want to consider your current living situation and base your adoption on the expected life you will provide for your new pet.

Trips With Pets explains:

“Adopting a pet shouldn’t be a fast process; it’s a big commitment that should be well thought out. It’s important to take time to prepare and do your research so you can find the best companion for your lifestyle. The most popular apartment pet, cats can be a great addition to any home; they are cute, cuddly and relatively low maintenance.”

If you’re already living in a pet-friendly apartment, you may still want to check your lease for the rules and regulations regarding pets. When you do decide to adopt, make sure you inform your landlord, as your rent may increase slightly, or your landlord might ask you to pay an additional deposit.

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