Super Quick Cleaning For Your Conroe Apartment

Happy woman cleaning her Conroe apartment

After you sign the lease and move into your new Conroe apartment, you’ll need to start cleaning the apartment regularly.

Spending hours each week getting things clean isn’t the most entertaining way to spend your time away from work or school, and there are some simple ways you can spend less time cleaning, even if you don’t clean regularly and let things build up.

Here are a few tips for speeding up your cleaning process, whether you’re a weekly cleaner or you only clean once a season.

Clean the Bathtub Without any Scrubbing

Your beautifully organized apartment can still take a long time to clean when you have to scrub various surfaces for minutes on end, just to make a dent in the dirt, dust, and grime that builds up over time. Paying attention to dirty surfaces with some basic cleansers and a rag can help reduce the overall amount of time you spend cleaning.

However, some quick and easy options can reduce – or even eliminate – the scrubbing required to clean your apartment. The Making Lemonade blog offers a fantastic way to keep your scrubbing to a minimum and to get the job done in a “green” manner.

“Simply put equal parts blue Dawn dish soap and vinegar into a spray bottle.  Spray it on the tub, let sit for about an hour, and wipe away.  Then a quick rinse of water.  That’s it– NO scrubbing.”

In most cases, having some baking soda, vinegar, lemons, and dish soap (people often use Dawn) will allow you to clean just about any surface in your home without the chemical concoctions you might find on the store shelf. You might even find that using these materials results in a less-expensive option for cleaning your Conroe apartment.

Keep Linoleum Floors in Great Condition, Easily

One of the hallmarks of modern apartment living is the linoleum floor. While some luxury apartment communities might offer hardwood floors and marble entryways, linoleum floors remain popular even in high-quality apartment communities.

Linoleum is a surprisingly eco-friendly option for covering your floors, and it can last a long time, too, with proper care. Linoleum is made from wood fibers, cork dust, linseed oil, resin, and limestone, and manufacturers add mineral pigments to create patterns.

According to Real Simple, it doesn’t take much to clean linoleum or keep it dirt free, either.

“Mix up a spray bottle of just a few drops of dish soap and hot water, then spritz a section of the floor at a time and wipe with a damp microfiber mop. The floor should air-dry almost immediately, but if it feels slightly sticky to the touch just swipe it with another clean, damp microfiber mop or cloth.”

If your apartment floors feature vinyl floors rather than linoleum, you can add some vinegar to your cleaning solution to clean the floors.

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