Top Things to Do in December Near Your Conroe Apartment

Donate Around Your Conroe Apartment

If you’d like to find a party outside your Conroe apartment to attend this holiday season, you’ve got a wealth of options waiting in Conroe and in nearby communities like The Woodlands, Humble, and the City of Houston 

Staying in with friends and family is a cozy way to celebrate the holidays, but you might also find an amazing experience if you venture just outside your apartment and into the community. Here are a few ways to find some entertainment this holiday season. 

Find a Great Holiday Near Conroe

One of the best communities to visit for New Year’s parties is The Woodlands, and there are several neighborhood events that are just a short drive away from your Conroe apartment. There are parties at COMO Social Club and The Woodlands Resort in The Woodlands, and you can also find entertainment at The Eatery in Montgomery and at Bar Louie in Spring. 

Nearby Houston also offers several options for parties like a Christmas Pajama Party at the Showtime Bar and Lounge, and they have an Ugly Sweater Party, too. Other events include the “End of the Decade Bash” at the Humble Civic Center in Humble, and the annual Battle of the Bands in Houston at W.W. Thorne Stadium. 

Enjoy a Park in the Winter in Conroe

There are more than two dozen parks in Conroe that are maintained by the city, and there are also community-maintained parks in some neighborhoods. There are all sorts of amenities at the official parks like sports fields, public art installations, picnic tables, and areas for dogs.

There are also special events throughout the year and regularly scheduled activities like swimming lessons, karate lessons, and dance lessons. The holiday season in December is a terrific time to get involved in local activities because the kids are usually out of school for a few weeks and may benefit from those activities.

Donate Your Time to a Charity 

We’re bombarded with commercials each year that ask us to buy things and spend money, but sometimes it’s best to turn the television off and find ways to donate time or money to worthy causes. There are a lot of charitable events in the winter that you can participate in, as well as opportunities for donating items to charity.

One of the reasons charitable giving ramps up in December is because families want to take advantage of the tax deductions that may be available after they donate to a charity. However, charitable events aren’t solely about tax deductions, and there are some personally rewarding ways to spend the holidays in the service of others.

Event Brite publishes an excellent list of charitable endeavors in which you can participate, like a fundraising event at The Westin in The Woodlands, a karaoke event at The Edge Restaurant and Bar in Montgomery, and a golf tournament at The Woodlands Country Club.

Find Some Fun at Your New Conroe Apartment at The Retreat 

There are many ways to enjoy the holidays in Conroe, and one of the best is at one of our amazing apartments. The Retreat offers spacious floor plans, a friendly community, and a terrific location in Conroe. Get in touch today for information on a tour and our available units